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Liposuction at Portland's Waldorf Center is a body contouring technique that surgically removes fat deposits from various large or small areas of the body, such as those at the chin, neck, abdomen, waist, back, arms, underarms, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles.

In certain areas that involve removing some fat and strategically reshaping the remaining fat to improve proportions for a more sculpted look, 这个过程通常被称为脂肪雕刻.

Our team of board-certified plastic surgeons and clinical providers works with patients who have a variety of body types and a range of aesthetic goals. 这些男性和女性中的一些人可能在寻找整体的身体轮廓, while others want to get rid of a small pocket of fat—such as a double chin—that won't go away despite a committed exercise plan and strict diet. In several cases, 物理去除脂肪是最合适的选择, 使抽脂成为所有年龄段的成年人的必备手术.


华尔道夫整形外科中心在波特兰,或提供抽脂. 塞勒姆、温哥华等地的病人可以打电话 or 1- 今天就来了解更多,或者安排一次在线访问.

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而非手术选择,如 CoolSculpting® and Kybella® (to treat submental fullness, 或者下巴和脖子之间的脂肪), 患者往往选择抽脂, 因为结果通常更容易预测, more consistent, and more quick to appear. And while multiple treatment sessions of a non-surgical procedure may be required to achieve your fat reduction goals, 一个抽脂手术可能是所有重塑或卸除担心的区域.*

记住,抽脂不是为了帮助病人减肥或改善健康. 它不能解决肥胖问题, 但它确实能解决皮下肿胀的问题, exercise-resistant fat. 而抽脂术可以在有歧化样脂肪沉积的部位进行减压, 它不会导致显著的体重下降, 因此不能被认为是一个适当的减肥过程.


接近理想体重的非吸烟者(在30%以内), have good muscle tone, and have firm, healthy, 有弹性的皮肤非常适合抽脂. 首选的候选人是那些整体健康状况良好、有现实期望的人.

your liposuction consultation

可以理解,患者对手术脂肪去除有疑问, from how to prepare for the procedure to liposuction cost and what to expect during the recovery process. 波特兰及周边的男男女女, Salem, and Vancouver, as well as more distant areas, are encouraged to bring any questions they might have to their plastic surgeon for honest answers, 之后,他们可以决定这个程序是否适合他们.

抽脂的方法有很多种, such as ultrasound-assisted, power-assisted, and tumescent liposuction, 但它们都是为了达到同一个目标. 最适合你的方法将在会诊时讨论.

患者还应注意,抽脂通常是作为其他外科手术的一部分, such as a breast reduction, fat transfer breast augmentation, tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, or lower body lift.

这是一个华尔道夫中心团队明白不能轻易做出的决定. Each member is dedicated to ensuring patients feel sufficiently educated and comfortable with their choice of surgeon for liposuction, 所有这些都鼓励更好的治疗和结果.

how to prepare for liposuction

一旦做出最终决定,就进行抽脂手术, it's common for patients to feel excited and maybe even slightly nervous about their upcoming surgery. 在手术前的几周, 患者经常被要求对生活方式做出微小的改变, 比如避免吸烟或饮酒, 或者改变一些药物和补充剂的摄入量. Dr. Kathleen Waldorf or Dr. 蕾切尔·斯特鲁将为您详细介绍你的病史, 在某些情况下,安排实验室测试以确定您当前的健康状态.

Patients are usually advised to refrain from eating or drinking at least 12 hours before the operation. 抽脂手术是门诊或日间手术, 这意味着患者通常不需要住院过夜.

我们的团队强烈建议询问朋友, family member, 或者搭档开车送你回家,并在接下来的24小时内照顾你. 麻醉可能会使你感到困倦或迷失方向, 在这段时间里减缓你的反应, 所以你不应该驾驶或操作重型机械.

types of liposuction procedures

Ultrasound-assisted, power-assisted, 肿胀抽脂是三种最常见的抽脂方式. 不像ultrasound-assisted抽脂, which uses energy to "melt" fat, surgeons practicing tumescent liposuction infuse a sterile solution into the treatment area to facilitate fat extraction.

然后用一根叫做套管的细管来抽吸脂肪. For power-assisted liposuction, 一种快速移动的特殊套管装置, 前后振动用来分解脂肪细胞. 这种快速、安全的方法对硬脂肪或大量脂肪特别有用.



Liposuction (sometimes referred to as lipoplasty or suction-assisted lipectomy) is performed through small incisions (about a quarter of an inch each) made around the areas being treated. A saline solution that also contains a local anesthetic and a medication to constrict the small blood vessels is injected into the surgical site. This makes them easier to remove, reduces blood loss and bruising, 并有助于术后疼痛管理.

然后,外科医生通过切口插入一根称为套管的空心管. 管子就像一根魔杖,可以放松和分解脂肪细胞, 把多余的脂肪变成更容易去除的液化形式. The cannula is also attached to a machine that applies suction to remove the loosened fat deposits while the surgeon guides it. 因为每个人体内的脂肪细胞分布不同, 每个案件的程序细节都是独特的.

视情况而定(如前所述), the surgeon may also use ultrasonic-assisted liposuction or laser-assisted lipolysis to aid in the removal of undesired fat deposits in certain areas of the body. These techniques make use of either an ultrasound device or a laser—as opposed to manually applied force—to assist in breaking up the fat cells, 使它们更容易删除,并提供一个更平滑的结果.

抽脂手术通常需要一到两个小时才能完成, 可以采用多种麻醉方法.

抽脂手术是门诊手术,所以你当天就可以回家. 全身麻醉24小时后不建议开车, 你需要有人把你从手术中心送回家.

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The Waldorf Center in Portland, OR, 为您推荐的外科或非外科手术提供特别的资金支持. 方便的每月付款可以安排适合你的财务状况. 更多信息请访问 or contact us online

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liposuction results & recovery

由于抽脂的性质,脂肪减少的结果是技术上立即可见. However, it may take some time for them to appear as they will for the long term due to postsurgical swelling. 其他副作用可能包括治疗区域的瘀伤和疼痛. 取决于程序的范围, it can take up to three months to be able to clearly see the final results after these post-surgical conditions resolve.*

Recovery is relatively quick, and most patients find they are able to return to their regular routines at home or work within one to two weeks (although vigorous physical activity should be avoided for a few more weeks). Compression garments are worn during the first several weeks after surgery to limit fluid accumulation, help control swelling, and improve the final result.

大多数患者可以在大约4到6周后恢复锻炼和其他身体活动.*需要强调的是,抽脂术是通过物理方式去除脂肪细胞, 它不能防止病人发胖. 如果你在未来体重增加,那么剩余的脂肪细胞就有膨胀的风险. In these situations, 你的身体也可能开始在新的地方储存脂肪, 导致其他地方出现凸起.

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The experienced surgeons at 华尔道夫整形外科中心 are committed to educating patients and providing them with high-quality, ethical care.

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To maintain the results long-term, 患者应致力于维持健康的生活方式和适当的饮食, exercise, and other habits. Understand that weight gain, pregnancy, 随着时间的推移,自然老化过程可能会影响抽脂的效果.

因为抽脂并不是为了消除身体或特定部位的所有脂肪, 新存款有可能不断积累. It may be helpful to have a lifestyle plan ready in place before the surgery to ensure that the results last afterwards.

Maintaining new contours is easier if healthy eating and regular exercise are already routine prior to the fat-reduction surgery. Establish these habits well in advance of the liposuction procedure so returning to them after your recovery will be second nature.

liposuction risks

和所有的外科手术一样,吸脂手术也有一定的风险. 了解这些风险是很重要的, 以及手术相关的可能的并发症或不良事件. Your surgeon will discuss the risks with you during your consultation and pre-operative appointments. 这也是询问一般程序问题的理想时间, 与实践和外科医生相关的细节, 以及其他你想知道的betvlctor伟德软件下载抽脂手术和相关手术的信息.

Our experienced, 华尔道夫中心的认证整形外科医生在抽脂方面经验丰富, 多年来,我曾与各种各样的病人一起工作. 他们知道如何帮助每个病人获得最好的结果, while minimizing risks before, during, and after the surgery.

了解手术的好处和潜在的挑战, 以及预期的时间表和现实的结果, 可以降低压力,允许更快, easier recovery.


As mentioned earlier, liposuction can be a component of many other surgical procedures that involve fat reduction or fat transfer to augment other areas. Fat grafting requires the careful removal and processing of healthy fat cells to be injected in small amounts into creases on the face for smoother skin, 也可以使术后或年龄相关的轮廓不规则变平.

外科脂肪去除并不是华尔道夫中心唯一的整形手术. 寻求腹部松脱皮肤的病人可以选择a tummy tuck to tighten that area. 抽脂和束腹可能是 Mommy Makeover该公司旨在帮助女性恢复怀孕前的轮廓.*

没有准备好接受手术的戏剧性结果的患者也有非手术的选择,包括 Kybella® 注射治疗双下巴, CoolSculpting® 冷却并减少身体上大大小小的顽固脂肪,还有 EMSCULPT® to stimulate muscle contractions that tone the abs and buttocks while metabolizing small amounts of fat away for fine-tuning the physique.


Contact the Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for liposuction in Portland, Oregon, today. 我们很乐意回答您的任何问题. Call or 1-

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